Friday, June 5, 2009

SNOW SCOOP – May 2009

Our last Blog was posted May 2008 which seems like it was just yesterday. What happened? Believe me a lot has happened. I am in my mid’s now, and my memory is not what it should be. There are other body parts that fall into the same category. So my friends, you are only going to get those events which pop into my mind.

Just in case you’re wondering Ellen and I are still in Santo Domingo and living in the same apartment. It is been 13 good years since we left Nebraska. We’ve been here so long our friends are labeling us Dominicans. However, if you understand Spanish you would quickly realize that simply a term of endearment. We try, but I don’t think we’ll lose that Nebraska Spanish accent.

Before the start of the heavy team season, Ellen and I traveled to the states to attend the graduations of our daughter Tracey and our grandson Lewis. It was Ellen’s second trip back to Nebraska. Tracey diplomatically asked if one of us could come back to help as she transitioned into a new job as assistant principal at Maxey Elementary School and finished her Master’s degree. My household skills are severely deficient, so it was a no brainer on who would get the assignment.

Our trip back for the graduations was an interesting one. I tripped and fell in front of the customs entrance. “One minute Bob was behind me, and the next moment he was laying on the floor plat on his face,” Ellen told others when they asked about my black eyes.

A tip – this is not a good way to avoid long passport lines and taking your luggage through customs. The Miami fireman working the ambulance put me on a gurney and wheeled me to an ambulance. The highlight was a siren run. My glasses cut my cheek and upper eye. The benefit – a night in Miami and a “free Hotel” room courtesy of American Airlines.